Almen prides herself in keeping fit. She is constantly training and exercising. In 1999 she produced her own fitness DVD called No Fat 2000. The DVD aimed at promoting all around fitness for women. The DVD is a low impact workout targeting all the muscle groups. I don't understand Cantonese, but have done the exercises and they are helpfull! What is good is that streching is included before and after each muscle group is targeted. Although she has a young daughter Almen still trains six days a week and keeps herself in top shape. Almen is the spokes model for the California Fitness Center in Hong Kong. Below are sample screen captures from the DVD. All images on the site are copywritten by Halcyon Advertising and Production.

Almen is careful to stretch before exercising. This is a very high quality workout DVD.

Almen is in amazing shape and she wants to project a positive image to others.

Almen is a natural for action films. Unlike other actress who have to undergo training for their roles, Almen is proficient in the Kung Fu style of Wing Chun, so she can do the fight sequences without a problem. Ms Wong is adept at wirework and has no problem with the stunts either. She said in a Femme Fatales Magazine interview that she would love to be play a female terminator! That would be a great role for her, she needs to break into the USA film market.

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