Almen has just completed filming on a new action movie. The English title is yet to be determined. Here are her answers Updated 9-5-01.

(Photo from HK entertainment review July 17th 2001)

NEWS UPDATE: Latest film project to be called "Her Name is Cat 2: Journey to Death" Thanks to Mike Leeder at Impact magazine for the info. Click the link for more information on Impact Magazine.
Impact Magazine

Almen's latest film project: Risk Takers!?

Honestly, I don't really know the English name of the film.(How did you find that out????) And at the same time they keep changing it even in Chinese. They want to call it " something Cat or Cat something". I do not agree with that title because it has nothing to do with the original "Her name is Cat." Besides, we would like to keep the name for the sequel.

Filming: July and August 2001 in HK and Thailand

That information is correct

Action Director:

Ridley Tsui
Perhaps you are right with the spelling, I wasn't sure about that.


Almen Wong, Roy Cheung, and Yam Kwong-Sau

Plot: Please Almen, let me know what this movie is about, and who you play!

Well, of course I kicked some butts as usual!!

Okay, the story is about this girl named Sam (played by me) who lived in Thailand all of her life. She lost her parents at the age of 5 and became a beggar. One day, a little girl (Yoyo, played by Yam Kwong-sau, as an adult) met with her and begged her father to take this poor girl home. The father was a General (in the army), and he brought Sam up and trained her to become his own bodyguard. The General was brutally murdered in public, his friend who turned out to be a traitor, was the culprit. (He is a weapons dealer, played by a Thai actor.) The two ladies, who have become very close friends, secretly tried to find out who is behind the murder. Since it was her father's friend, they planned to take revenge. The ladies needed financial backing, so they planned to steal a computer "chip" containing information about biochemical-weapons from the Russians. To fulfill their plan, Sam selected Hong (played by Roy Cheung) to be the human transport. She is forced to make friends with him. Later she suggests that he travel to Thailand with her so he can try to get the chip removed. Thus the action begins...

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