Although "SIRENS OF CINEMA" magazine is my most recent endeavor. As I writer I have a wealth of experience in all aspects of literary projects.

My best friend and "big sister" in the music business Sabina Classen, has inspired me to be creative for the last 13 years. I have written the lyrics for three songs for her. Most recently a tune which describes a friendship from afar based on trust, love and Admiration. Sabina I thank you for the patience while I was building this Almen Wong site. A true destiny. The title of the song is "BLOOD BOND" This song will be included on the new CD by her band HOLY MOSES called "Disorder of the Order" which is also a tune I wrote the lyrics for. The CD will be available worldwide on century media records. Check my official American homepage for Holy Moses Templegod's Homepage for Holy Moses

In the past few months I have met three ladies who have been so kind one who lives only four miles away! Her name is Ipek. She is in a band called Wykked Wytch Wykked Wytch Homepage She is a wonderful, talented lady and also a fantastic cook. a great friend.

In the past two months though my life has been altered by someone who I have longed to meet since highschool: Virginia Hey. She was in the Road Warrior movie playing "Warrior Woman". Also she played Zhaan (the "blue" woman)in Farscape. She likes to be known as the SPIRITUAL WARRIOR. I must say meeting her has changed my life, motivated me more than ever before! She is one of the kindest people I have ever met and I agree with her ideas and ruminations. I am working on a massive interview with her for issue 3 of Sirens of Cinema. Share a few moments with her at her web site Virginia Hey official site

My other new friend is Chona Jason Chona Jason official site Chona is a very talented actress, stunt woman, and an expert martial artist, Have a look at us hangin out... Chona Danny Look for Chona doing stunts in the Time Machine movie! Kick ass Grrl, you can protect me anytime, it is an honor to be your friend! Look for Chona Jason in issue 3 of Sirens as well! A word to those who meet Chona and want to give her something, she doesn't like flowers, give her weapons! Weapons make the Chona grrl very happy!

My hobbies; Computers (obviously) heavy music, specifically Holy Moses and Wykked Wytch. I have a soft spot for female hard metal grrrls and grrls who kick ass! Writing, hopefully a my complete source of income one day LOL. Destiny Drives the Dream are my words to live by and how I choose to lead my life. Never stop dreaming as ones destiny can drive that person to accomplish great things.

(Deflecting the deception, an alternate reality can shatter all perceptions. Diffuse the light and burn the night weilding the runestone of ones own might)--Danny Shamon February 19-2002)

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