Almen Wong has been in 16 movies, They are listed in alphabetical order along with a brief description of each if I have it. One movie "My Mistress My Wife" I do not own, if you own this movie and would like to make me a copy it would be appreciated. All of the other films I have on VCD or DVD. All movies were purchased from or (Click the links under the movies for additional information and screen shots from that particular film.)

Accident, The-1999-An art film revolving around three different stories of onetime love
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Ah Fai-The Dumb -1997-Comedy

Angel Cop-Final Crisis-2001-A John Woo style action thriller, girls and guns genre
New photos from the Angel Cop movie
More photos from the Angel Cop movie

Blue Blooded Person-An adventure film starring Andy Lau, not yet released.

Extra, The-1997-A film about the low budget film industry

Final Justice -1997-A priest is seduced by Almen (lucky guy) and falsly accused of rape (unlucky guy)
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Fourteen Days Before Suicide-1997-A weird haunting tale with Pinky Cheung

Green Hat/A.K.A. My Mistress My Wife -1993-Almen's first film apparently never released, as she did the English version and only the Cantonese version with Jade Leung was issued.

Group, The-1998-A Robin Hood style gangster movie. Almen is a survival training instructor with an attitude.
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Her Name is Cat A.K.A. The Huntress (UK)-1998-Girls and guns, most screen time for Almen. According to the video box she is "lethal, cunning and seductive".
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Her Name is Cat 2: Journey to Death-(See "New Movie" description for info) In HK theaters 12-30-01.

Immortal Spirit -1999-Ghost story, Almen is a very evil but cute spirit.
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Scarred Memory -1998-A guy tries to recover his memory after a botched murder.

Shanghai Grand-1996-A violent gangster flick, Almen is a brutal hired assassin!
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Till Death Do Us Part-1998-Dramatic film with Anita Yuen
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Yesterme, Yesteryou, Yesterday-1993-A take on the show "The Wonder Years"


List compiled from various sources, Femme Fatales Vol 7 Num 16,,

All films can with the exception of Green Hat can be purchased on dvd or vcd for under \\$17 at either or . Check both sites for availability. Some movies are available on one that are not available on the other site. The movies listed without a site corresponding to them were the ones that Almen had very minor roles in.